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I knew it!

2015-05-10 12:38:01 by MuppetProtesterClock

Back in 5th grade last year, I had this kid called Ryan Flodin, and like I do, he wanted to turn into a Mario character as well, but he was different. He wanted to be Bowser, but I did, and to this day still do, want to turn into Yoshi. I've had this dream for a few years, but I could tell Ryan just came up with the idea when I asked him. Well, a few minutes before I posted this, I found something I think he would have liked.

It's just a plain Bowser TF, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the only one with enough emotion and drasticalness, to actually remind me of this guy. You can see for yourself.


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2015-06-26 21:24:10


interesting even if strange

MuppetProtesterClock responds:

I keep dreaming about it every day.


2015-06-29 19:56:18

i see.

if you do a search in NG's art portal, or in deviantart, you can find many awesome fanart of both yoshi and bowser, so its cool.


2016-02-14 19:14:15


MuppetProtesterClock responds:

Not much. Blocking out the haters...