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Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - August 16th, 2020

it turns out that's not allowed unless i made the models.

With that said,

happy clock day everyone. forum posts seem to tell me that sfm MOVIES are allowed if they're not low-effort,

so it looks like I may have something to post soon, but I was only going to post the picture. I'll have to start from scratch.

I have combined, from some models I found, a body for StrawberryClock, and I remain hopeful that other clocks can be made as well. These will be used in an SFM movie for this site, the first thing I'll have uploaded in two years. Only detail I got about it right now is that it's in the far future.

Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - August 16th, 2019

No, I am not dead, or leaving Newgrounds or the Clock Crew.

Despite five or so years of experience in Flash, I have never been seriously good at animating, or creating anything that wouldn't be instantly blammed in judgement.

With that said, I have never lost faith in this community since I joined in 2015. I have no plans to leave any community, or I wouldn't still be uploading movies especially for Clock Day.

The fact is, I've been asked to create more Clock Crew movies, and given my lack in animation talent, I'm not sure

I can especially provide that aside from the one day of the year where tributes to Clock Day and people who aren't as well received, are more approved, and I'm pretty sure I'm lucky compared to some other animators who are actually trying, like chris-the-stick2 and another one of my favorites, RobertClock, a̢ǹd ͏als͘o̸ t͠he͞ k̶i҉ng̴ of̨ ̛the͏ ̶po̵r̷ta̴l S̛t̸rawberryCĺo̡c̴k̢ w͝h͟ǫ ma̷d͏e ͠a̸n am̷a̴zi̶n͟ģ l̶ive͠-̡a҉ct͜io͘n ̀moviè for͟ C͢lock Day 2015͏.

What I can tell you I'm getting better at is filmography, and while I've mostly done YouTube shorts these many years,

I plan to integrate a bit of this into my Newgrounds career. Does that mean ten minute challenge videos?

Absolutely not.

But it


mean that I'll have a much better chance with my movies being accepted. They'll have more professional flair. Before the Flash plugin died, I remember a movie submitted for Clock Day 2016, a movie called Deerboy that inspired me to upload Maniac last year without animation, but obviously I'll have to try harder than I did with Maniac.

Of course, I'll have to make CC movies as well(Deerboy was just Deerboy, no CC), and although I don't have any ideas yet--that doesn't appear to be one of my strong suits--I can promise results.

At best? I'll start being an active member of this community again, which is what I wanted to be when I first joined, but didn't have enough talent to pass judgement.

At worst? You already know.

I'm not leaving. I'm not moving on. No matter what.

As soon as the final stage of equipment for these movies comes to place (a cameraphone I'm saving up for) I'll be joining a junior film class in less than a week. This won't be just fun and games. This will be professional cameras, with professional scripts, and student actors who I've seen grow more talented by the day.

Did I mention professional?

As always, thank you for sticking with me, and happy Clock Day.iu_47302_5373662.jpg

Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - June 27th, 2017


I think I was supposed to stay here, but I found YouTube a while ago, and naturally, I jumped ship.

I think I'm still making something for Clock Day, but that might be all I do on this account anymore...


Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - May 10th, 2015

Back in 5th grade last year, I had this kid called Ryan Flodin, and like I do, he wanted to turn into a Mario character as well, but he was different. He wanted to be Bowser, but I did, and to this day still do, want to turn into Yoshi. I've had this dream for a few years, but I could tell Ryan just came up with the idea when I asked him. Well, a few minutes before I posted this, I found something I think he would have liked.


It's just a plain Bowser TF, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the only one with enough emotion and drasticalness, to actually remind me of this guy. You can see for yourself.

Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - April 28th, 2015

Since my first one got blammed, I'm gonna try and use what is currently one of the most popular things ever. This one'll be different. This one might take me a day. If anyone still wants to see Wade's First Flash got blammed today, they can PM me.

Posted by MuppetProtesterClock - April 27th, 2015

So glad I could be with the Clock Crew. It is an honour. Thanks a lot, Strawberry!!!

Also, since I do not have ANY originality, I would like to ask, to all the Clocks out there, and others too(I'm looking at you, BFK), what should I make for my first submission that people will like and want more of? I do plan to revive the Kitty Krew with something, but I don't know what. If you do, I'll add your movies, if you have any, to Favorites unless you don't want to. Thank you very much.